How to Become a Deal Architect: Part 2

  • 11/14/2020
  • 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM (PST)


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How to Become a Deal Architect

November 14th

12:00 PM EST | 11:00 AM CST | 10:00 AM MST | 9:00 AM PST

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Join us for Part 2 of a 2-Part Series! *You must attend Part 1 to participate! 

  • Why attend
    • Covid-19 changed the landscape of investing…this could be the TIMELIEST information you hear during the pandemic. A lot of investors are either quitting or doubling down on strategies that worked in the past…in this special market update you will see how to work smarter and THRIVE during and after a Pandemic!
    • NoteSchool founder Eddie Speed has been in business for 40 years and done over 40,000+ deals!
    • NoteSchool is the biggest Note buyer in the country!
    • Inventory- Learn how to beat your competition on price and make MORE money than your typical deal!
  • Who should attend
    • These strategies apply to all real estate investors- brand new, active, passive, and even the “ninja’s” who do 150+ deals a year!
    • NoteSchool trains 300 of the top 500 investors in the country…I bet you can you learn something!
  • What you will Discover
    • How you can win big by timing the current Mortgage crisis
    • How to double your profits without having to Spend an Extra Dollar on Marketing
    • Passive Investing- Be the Bank- no tenants, no toilets, no turn over!
    • How to wholesale a note for an “assignment fee” and that it’s much easier to “flip” a note than a house.
    • So much more!

To learn more, watch this video!


Brian Lauchner
Speaker & Trainer
The Note School

Brian purchased his first piece of real estate in 2008. Making the leap out of the financial software industry, he jumped full time into real estate as a wholesaler and rehabber. Gaining traction as a wholesaler, Brian expanded into other strategies including land trades, private lending, rentals, and buying/selling on terms through owner finance. He’s seen first-hand how becoming a deal architect is required to get deals done at today’s seller’s “kitchen table”. Brian also realized the reality of wealth building using real estate secured assets which inspired him to dream of connecting people and educating others so they too can build wealth using real estate. Brian has been teaching and consulting investors since 2017 and is very excited to bring his passion and experience to the NoteSchool team. Brian is a family man first, he’s married to his high school sweet-heart Chelsea, and has two amazing kids that drive him to be a change-agent in the world. 

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