Members in good standing can vote for up to 6 Default/REO candidates and up to 1 Affiliate Member candidate. 

Voting closes on Friday, November 17th

Default / REO Management Candidates

De'Ann Clark

President and CEO

TREO Asset Services


 Candidate Statement: As an original and longtime NADP/REOMAC member, I have been honored to serve on the Board of Directors for over two decades and in 2019 became NADP/REOMAC’s President. Since then, NADP’s membership has continued to grow as a force in the default industry. Currently I chair the Commercial and Residential Certification Committee to better educate the industry. With the help of very experienced vendors and TREO’s Elite agents, we assisted and continue to assist the mortgage industry in liquidating distressed properties. From the beginning, I considered NADP an important resource for the assignment of REO properties. I see a change coming to the market and because of the default challenges for many servicers and sellers of non-performing assets, it is my desire and goal to assist NADP’s members be the go-to agents, counsel, and vendors based on their expertise with Asset Management Approved REO Certification.

Cont. Candidate Statement

As the CEO and President, I have spearheaded TREO for over thirty years. In that role TREO has assisted over 72 financial institutions and mortgage insurance companies, RTC, and FDIC. In addition, and in affiliation with NADP, TREO developed many of the uniform processes, practices and standards used today in the industry. Since 2003, TREO has liquidated more than $752Million in commercial, retail, and residential real estate with court appointments, which included Lehman Brothers, RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) and Aurora Loan Servicing in the investigation and resolution of a $144Million fraud case.

Susan Farese (Dicicco)

Vice President

Truman Capital Advisors


Candidate Statement: I would be honored if you would trust your vote in me so that I can continue doing this job and bring everything I can to the members. The past three years serving as a Board Member have been an amazing experience. It has given me the opportunity to work with highly respected, knowledgeable, and dedicated individuals within the Real Estate, Lending and Default Industry. I was originally appointed to a one-year position for which during that time I was appointed to Chair the Leadership/Nomination Committee. Given that opportunity to lead other members within the organization showed me how dedicated our members were to make our organization accountable. 

Cont. Candidate Statement

Two years ago I was given the opportunity to allow the other members within the organization to decide if I should continue in this role. I was honored to be re-elected to serve on the Board of Directors. I express my sincere appreciation for all that believed I would be the right person to continue in my position. Now I hope to be given another opportunity to remain in my role as a Board Member and continue the amazing work our organization does for this industry. As we know, these past few years in our industry have been challenging and we can’t foresee what the upcoming year will bring. I am though confident that my years of experience, along with my diverse background in this industry can assist with the organization’s new ideas as we pivot to educate not only REO and default, but all within real estate, lending, and servicing. NADP states it is committed to its members, individuals and companies and I would as a Board Member show my commitment and welcome that opportunity to continue with NADP in that vision.

Christian D Etienne 

REO Operations



Candidate Statement: I am well versed with more than 25 years of detailed experience in real estate, title insurance, default mortgage servicing, REO management, eviction and possessory efforts, asset disposition, and vendor management. As a successful executive and industry subject matter expert, I am highly proficient in regulatory requirements, operational best practices, managing teams, business partners and processes. Over the past decade, my teams and I have managed and liquidated more than 80,000 real estate assets nationwide for a variety of GSEs, large banking institutions, private equity portfolios and a variety of other clients.   

Bryce Fendall

SVP, Default, FC, BK, REO

Statebridge Company


Candidate Statement: I joined the Board in 2019 when I attended the last REOMAC Conference in Palm Desert.  I was one of two servicers in attendance, and I witnessed the attendance and membership of this organization fall from the thousands to less then 100 people attending the conference.   

Cont. Candidate Statement

I had participated in REOMAC on and off since the late 90’s and recognized the experienced and well-trained broker network and benefited from meeting with other servicer members. There has been tremendous rebuilding of the REOMAC/NADP Organization in the last few years as we re engaged Servicers to participate, improved our education content and launched the Certification programs to train new agents. In the next few years I anticipate expanding certification programs to other parts of the Default area including Loss Mitigation & Probate.

Christopher Edward Link

Senior VP of Assets and Default

Covius - RealtyBid


Candidate Statement:  NADP (Formally REOMAC) is at a critical inflection point in the development of the brand. As a board, it is imperative we define the vision and personality of the organization. As someone who has experienced the transition from the 2008 crisis to the “different” challenges  of today, I believe I have a unique and valuable perspective on both the past and present. I look forward to helping guide the organization into the future with a focus on bringing value to our membership. 

Nolan Turner

Managing Director



Candidate Statement: I would like to be a member of the Board because I believe in the cause.  I can add value and make a difference.  I feel that NADP is a vital organization, yet suffers from some much needed additional industry engagement from mortgage servicers.  The classic good to great.  I can help. 

Cont. Candidate Statement

I am a team player. Outspoken, yet respectful. Willing to challenge the status quo, ask the tough questions, and have the difficult conversations. I propose ideas and execute on those ideas. I have an immeasurable worth ethic. The only place success comes before work is the dictionary. My skillset and experience is very different yet extremely complimentary to the board. Having 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry and working for 14 years within Carrington’s vertically integrated continuum, I uniquely understand the every stage of the entire mortgage loan lifecycle. Carrington is the 7th largest GNMA servicer in the space ($175 BN / 800,000 loans). We regularly file 1,500-2,000 foreclosure actions each month. We have touched, managed, and dispositioned more than 785,000 assets. We have completed more than 1 million loan mods and have filed more than 1 million GNMA claims. We own a real estate brokerage firm with 1,600 agents across 39 states. Our title company regularly completes 20 thousand monthly residential transactions and more than $5 million in commercial transactions.

Affiliate Candidates

Don Curtis



Candidate Statement: Being part of an organization that provides education, resources and advocates on behalf of the mortgage industry is important to me. My goal is to help expand membership, promote the association and provide leadership and education.  

Laura Dietz

Broker, Owner, Auctioneer

Summit Realty


Candidate Statement: I have been a long -time member of REOMAC/NADP and decided this was the year I needed to be more involved. 

Having been in the Real Estate Industry for over twenty seven years I decided maybe I could help others and share my experiences and credentials. 

NADP does a lot of the training and informational webinars I am passionate about. I am happy to contribute all I can to help NADP grow. 

Guadalupe Zendejas Escamilla


Realty World Golden Era


Candidate Statement: As someone who is passionate about staying current with the ever-changing economy, I am excited for the opportunity to be considered for the National Association of Default Professionals board of directors. I envision myself growing and connecting with professionals from all regions with the goal to educate and prepare the real estate community for the changing economy. As a seasoned managing broker with over 17 years of experience I hope to bring a fresh perspective of what the real estate community Is experiencing daily. Utilizing that to empower the organization and prepare the members for what may or may not come in today’s economic situation.

Rick Sharga

Founder & CEO

CJ Patrick Company, LLC

Candidate Statement: The industry needs a strong voice and an organization that gives default servicing professionals a forum for peer-to-peer networking, a resource for continued education and career growth, and the opportunity to meet prospective business partners in a welcoming environment. 

Cont. Candidate Statement

The National Association of Default Professionals is ideally suited to provide these benefits to its members and to the industry at large, and is really the only organization dedicated to doing this as a not-for-profit entity. The industry itself is going through a major transition, as mortgage delinquencies and defaults are at or near historically low levels, and regulators and governments – federal, state, and local – are making the foreclosure process more complex and costly. And an industry formerly focused on the management and disposition of lender-owned properties (REOs) now needs to shift its focus upstream, towards non-performing loans, early-stage foreclosures, and auctions.

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